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Sunday, June 16, 2002
Well well well. I went shopping at Eddie Bauer and bought some clothes. Now before you guys go all freak on me here me out. I was actually shopping there for myself. I was picking out clothes for my Dad with my mom for Father's Day! I did come across the most slick plaid pants and a cute black pleated skirt. It was expensive...but I mean I wasn't really paying for it. I finally got a watch too. A cool ROXY watch. It's the closest I'm going to get to a cuff watch in a long long time. So here I am today in my eddie bauer plaid pants, my sp shirt, studded belt, and roxy watch. I feel so cool. My mom said that I made a perfectly preppy outfit punk. I told her that Eddie Bauer had that in mind. I mean who wears plaid anyway besides old men and punks. I'm so hip.

I am so tired right now. It just hit me...BOOM...just like that. I got a root canal last Thursday. Those things are never fun. Well, they weren't intended to be fun. They were intended to help your teeth. I like the dentist though. He's a nice dude. It was worth it. It was this or get the tooth pulled. I'm not about more pain and empty places where my teeth used to be. I never like that ever. That's why I never got braces.

Well I must hit the boat or some cool saying like that. Laters.
Tuesday, June 11, 2002
Ok, peeps. I'm going to try and make this quick. Hahaha...that never works. For some reason I am finding my livejournal just to be more pleasant right now. Of course, I will posting here in the Fall. This is my home, like Boston is my home.

I updated the link down there. See, look how pretty. :-D So now all you kiddies have to do is click it! HOORAY for all you lazy bones out there. I've been working at the library. Today was very productive. I shelved all the 600s and even the 800s...not to mention the Ms. Also, I put the 900s, 400s, and 500s all in order for me tomorrow. Wow...tomorrow is going to be easy breezy. I might just run out of work and I'll just be able to sit there and mean shelf read. Yeah, shelf read. *wink wink nudge nudge* So I haven't been watching much TV like I thought I would. Basically, just the PBS kid shows and some late night WB programming minus Blind Date because my Mom and Sister don't like that show and they moved my...YES MY...TV into their room. I'm still dealing with it. I miss being able to watch strange movies at odd hours of the night. I shouldn't really do that since I go to work at 9.

I've been taking way too many naps. There is something about my house that makes you want to snuggle in with the blankets for a few hours. Oh yeah...I know what it is...complete and total BOREDOM...I need to learn how to drive. Yes...I'm 20 and don't know how to there a problem?

OH! OLP in DALLAS on JULY 17 at DEEP ELLUM LIVE! Me = very excited.

Are star tattoos really that emo? Oh, I think I may need the patch...the spider solitaire patch...I am way too addicted to that game. "Oh, come on just one more. Please."
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