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Wednesday, November 28, 2001
Well, well...this completely sucks. I cannot add a comment section because they are working on it and I just erased my other blogger due to sneaky snoops. ok, well...we'll see what I can do.
Hello all...and to all a wonderful day. This is my new and only online journal. I've learned my lesson and it's a darn shame that I can't use my livejournal anymore, but what's a girl to do. A lot of horrible things have happened in just the past day, but I'm too afraid to post them yet. I don't know how safe this is or if someone I don't want to read will be able to find it. I think I've turned into a new person's not just the happenings, but I think they helped. I really like WEEZER now! I mean I always did, but now it's like this intense love of happiness whenever I put their cd on the 'ole player. I think I may want to marry Rivers Coumo....aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh...I can never spell his name correctly. That ticks me off! There's this guy in my class...I will not put his name here...but he has cute black geek glasses and he's completely appealing to me. People say that he's pretentious...but hell everyone is at this school. I like him, plus he said something about WEEZER today! Um, I wish I could ask him out. I've seen him slow dance in class. I know that's kinda weird, but I never was taught how to slow dance, so I admire that. I really want him to teach me. He had a wonderful presentation today in class. I'm going to go out and buy that cd he kept talking about. It's not him that makes me want it, but the music is so excellant. Jazz isn't that band after all. Actually, I love jazz. Hahaha...not really love...but a mutual great likeness of the stuff. I dyed my hair last night about twelevish...I really like it. It's called HOT RED on the box...and it's pretty...I got several compliments already. I enjoy my hair muchly. Wow...horrible things happen...and I reinvent myself. Oh, lovely day.
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